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Aug 6, 2023

If you want the best, go to Ron. Ron is one of the most aggressive agents that I have worked with over the years, and I have worked with some really great agents in the past in different areas of the country. Ron is the one I would go to first. We were involved here in a number of very difficult transactions concerning short sales and foreclosures with very sensitive timelines. Each of these went extremely well. He has the contacts, the business savvy, the knowledge that in hot markets you move immediately or you lose, and he moved fast indeed. All of our acquisitions have been profitable and successfully brought to closing.

I would use Ron again in a heartbeat, and probably will be in a position to do so again. Our acquisitions have been excellent and this has created a posibility for a happy retirement we would never have been able to achieve without his help.

If you expect professionalism and service, and knowledge of how to handle high stakes real estate transactions, go to Ron. Ron is a serious player and other serious players will enjoy that level of competence that we need, and so will those who are inexperienced and need to draw on his understanding and knowledge.

No kidding. He is that good.