John and Dorothy Micelotta

Aug 7, 2023

I have to say, without Ron the Realtor on our side during the COVID-19 pandemic, our sale would probably have gone south before we even got started. His negotiating skills and written contract provided both sides with everything needed from start to finish. No hard selling tactics, no continuous lowering of prices etc. He will tell you the truth about the market value and what he feels you will get. He will let you raise your price if you choose but bottom line, you’ll end up getting what he initially told you. He will go out of his way to make sure your sale is clean and hassle free. Some times there are bumps but nothing you can’t handle. The COVID-19 was a big bump for us since we listed prior to the virus but it all worked out. First weekend of an open house sold the house. The pictures were absolutely amazing. Almost made us want to stay. Can’t give Ron enough thanks. He helped us buy it and helped us sell us. Kudos to RON THE REALTOR.