Jeff S

Aug 7, 2023

Ron is the hardest working, most knowledgeable, most responsive, most networked, and most helpful realtor in the Central Florida area. He’s the guy you want when trying to negotiate or close a deal. We liked a home in Delaney Park, but it was out of our budget. Ron advised us on the best way to get our $25k-below-asking offer accepted, and it worked. Unfortunately we discovered a pest issue after our inspection period passed and we decided to back out. Ron navigated these treacherous waters and got back 80% of our deposit. Later we decided to build in a new community. That’s something you should just walk in and do on your own, right? Wrong. Ron got us more design credits than their base offer. We were about to select a lot across from an open grassy area, but Ron checked all the lots, spotted one with an awesome fountain view, and got us squeezed into it despite another buyer trying to lay claim at the same time. The fountain view turned out to be one of the best things ever and even though the home buying process took almost a year, if we had to do it again, there’s no doubt it would be with Ron The Realtor!