Aug 7, 2023

We decided to go with Ron after our neighbors referred him to us. Definitely the smartest thing we could’ve done, we had a local friend try and help us fist but that went nowhere and another buddy from our neighborhood offered their family member to help us sell and their wanted to list our house way too low. After two months of wasting time we called Ron in and he immediately went to work. Our house wan not an easy sell due to the design of the house. But of course he sold it, we got what we wanted and he also hooked us up with a great mortgage guy for the purchase of another home. He fought extremely hard for us and got us closing cost paid for and negotiated a great deal for the purchase. If you are reading the review I will tell you this, if you want to sell your home or purchase a new one look no further than Ron. Trust me he will tell you good he is but its all true. You get the right to gloat by being so good. I am not one to write reviews but in this case i felt the need to. Do not make the mistake we made early on, Call Ron right away. Everyone has a friend or a wife or a cousin in real estate but not many will get you the results this guy will.