Aug 7, 2023

Cinderella’s Godfather…From everybody else failed, he got the job done, smoothly, efficiently and miraculous time.5 years ago, we stared this process of selling our home, realtor group #1 came, for over 3 months did nothing, just talk and not even 1 showing… Fired!Then 1 year later realtor group #2 calling themselves the best in town, took it, some showings, Zero offers, lied to us about market price trying to trick us to buy also a new home with their buddies…. Fired!2 years ago, group #3, came for themselves to us, telling us that they just sold the house across street and our home, will be sold easily… months went by, a lot of talking, but once again not even an offer… Fired!After all those sad, bad and full of disappointment experiences, we really had lost of selling our beautiful home, I work in a regular job, not enough money to pay for cleaning, I had to clean it myself 3,400 sq ft. Yes I was exhausted and with young kids…. imagine that I think Lord honestly whispered to me what to do… then I went and look hard and research even more, reviews, number of houses and range of house prices sold by realtor. Thank you Lord, I found simply THE BEST, there is no body on earth like Ron, He came to meet us in our home, immediately evaluate it, and gave us an HONEST market price, then we agreed, he laid off clearly the plan and expectations, in once he clarify any doubt and shed the light to also what will happen and how he also will help after selling, and us transitioning to our new place (we are building a new home)DRUM ROLL..* House got 3 offers from 4 showings in less than 1 week, NOBODY beat that!* We accepted 1offer and he still got us another deals with the new owner… like living there for a couple of weeks, for free* At the new house, he got us a premium lot, that wasn’t even yet for sell, YES !* Headache free, he got us a rental house for the meantime the construction finish in the new place. Wow, all We can tell is Ron THANK YOU!!!