A. Lee

Aug 7, 2023

We met Ron near end of 2018 because we have decided to give ourselves one more chance to look for a ‘real’ realtor. The story was we had tried to sell our house for the past 2 years with some well known realtors and not just they all failed, we were told that our house was unsellable with our desired asking price, period. It’s a beautiful house but just not now, big shot realtors said to us…… Ron took us under his wing in November 2018, near all the holidays the worse time anyone will do in real estate biz! We closed our house at full asking price within 2 months. Ron did not ask us to write this review. We just wanted to share this incredible, incredible real life experience with all of you! Ron is a wonderful realtor! You will love him as much as we do, indeed!! Call him!!